Time to innovate say Ian Schrager and others, 12 facts of hotel operations, Direct Booking best practices - and more

A guide for Direct Bookings

Direct bookings are still a hot topic and that isn't going to change for a while. Increasing direct revenue isn't just about doing a hack and there we go. It takes a multitude of steps. Some time ago I sat down with other hotel marketing consultants and put together a best practice chart. I thought it would be a good time to revisit it. 


Ian Schrager gets candid on innovation (lack of) 

There aren't that many people in the hotel industry who talk candidly about the ails we need to fix. Yes we complain about unfair competition and so forth, but what about a little introspective look. What about figuring our what is next for guests (and no I don't mean RFID door-locks) and creating that. Ian Schrager is right - time to innovate.


Why hotel tech needs more entrepreneurs

Last week founders from two of the biggest hotel tech startups (Duetto and SnapShot) both talked about the need for hotel technology to start getting serious about entrepreneurs, integrations, systems and technology. We're at the cusp of change of a new paradigm for hotel technology. But it will need people, entrepreneurs who will push it over the tipping point. 


Hilton on Data, Tech and Personalization

This interview with the VP of Customer Relationship Management at Hilton has some interesting insights on how technology, data and gut feeling will help hotels get better at delivering more experiences. You'll have to read through the lines because it isn't as candid as we'd like it to be but one can't blame them for trying to keep some strategies close.


Reality check on hotel operations

In speaking to hotel marketing people and hotel tech entrepreneurs I find many haven't actually worked in hotels doing the dirty work. I don't think it is a must, but it does help understand what is really going on. This infographic on some of the hotel operations daily life is at least a start. 


Martin Soler