Our Principles

Driven by our passion for the industry and for helping hotel companies and hotel technology companies we've set our working principles, these are the principles we believe in and that we strive to achieve in every project we undertake.


Processes are means, not an end 

While processes are countless and often seen as the holy grail, they are only a means to an end and not an end in themselves. We'll focus on processes only if we are sure they are critical for the activity and will be executed sustainably.

Understanding Why will lead to a better how

There are instances where specific demands will be done, we believe understanding WHY they are needed is more important than understanding WHAT is needed. We always make sure the main objective is clearly defined and relevant in order to provide the solution you really need.

Feasible is better than perfect

The best solution is always the one that can be executed. Feasibility is our priority by taking into account the impact it will have on you, your teams or your organization. An imperfect but feasible solution is infinitely better than what seems to be the perfect that can't be implemented.

The best solution is the simplest one

Our missions are designed to be as efficient as possible. We search for the simple solutions because they’re the most efficient. We know our involvement is an investment, which is why we make sure it has a high ROI.


Great ideas don't always require great budgets

It is true that some of the best products, designs and campaigns were built with great budgets. But we believe that using existing budgets with a great idea can be infinitely more efficient than great budgets with a mediocre idea.